Alleged cop killer stabbed in jail

August 22, 2016

The driver accused of killing police inspector Mark Gibbs in a hit-and-run on Friday's was stabbed while in custody at the Falmouth police lock-up in Trelawny yesterday.

Head of the police's Corporate Communications Unit, Stephanie Lindsay, told THE STAR that the driver was stabbed by another inmate during a fight between the two.

"I understand it [the wound] is not anything major, it was a minor thing. They used some makeshift thing to stab him in the shoulder. The police took him to the doctor, and he's now back in custody," she said.

Meanwhile, the driver is expected to be slapped with multiple charges early this week in relation to the hit-and-run incident.

Head of the Trelawny police, Superintendent Clive Blair, told THE STAR that they are considering at a number of things before laying the charges. "We are looking at the fatal accident aspect of it, and we looking at a number of things, but I cannot divulge that because the statements will have to be perused in its entirety. Once that is done, and based on what our findings are, then we will lay the relevant charges," he said.

malicious motives

Superintendent Blair was tight lipped when asked if investigations suggested there were malicious motives behind the hit and run accident. "I wish not to say anything further until all the statements have been perused in its entirety," he said.

Inspector Gibbs, the sub-officer in charge of the Clarke's Town Police Station, was part of a team conducting traffic duties along the Clarke's Town main road when he signalled the driver of a motorcar to stop. The driver disobeyed and mowed down Gibbs before speeding away.

The driver turned himself in to police investigators the following morning, accompanied by a Justice of the peace. There were three other occupants in the vehicle at the time of the incident, however, the police said they will not be charged.

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