Gangsters at war over Zeeks' influence ... Downtown Kgn on edge


August 23, 2016
Donald 'Zeeks' Phipps

... Downtown Kingston on edge

Ten years after Matthews Lane strongman Donald 'Zeeks' Phipps was convicted of double murder and imprisoned for life, his Spanglers gang is now engaged in a bitter war with rival men in Luke Lane who are seeking to take control of the entire area.

The feud, which is centred in the Western Kingston Police Division and the edge of the business district, has led to heightened tension in the downtown Kingston area.

"Our intelligence is that the top Luke Lane gang wants to spread their wings and control what's left of the influence of Donald 'Zeeks' Phipps, which is in Matthews Lane the Spanglers gang," said Superintendent Howard Chambers, head of Western Kingston.

THE STAR has been reliably informed that men loyal to Zeeks and his successor have vowed to protect his image and keep Matthews Lane under the control of the Spanglers gang.


Several persons have been injured in the ongoing feud, igniting fears that the feud could impact back-to-school shopping which is expected to intensify in coming days.

Yesterday, an unidentified man was shot and injured near Kingston Public Hospital. Reports are that he was standing at a shop when a car with several men aboard drove up. The men alighted and opened fire, hitting him several times. It was not immediately clear whether the attack is connected to the ongoing war.

Meanwhile, THE STAR understands that additional cops are in effect and will be deployed in coming days to downtown Kingston, which falls in both the Central Kingston and Western Kingston divisions.

"Control has said there will be additional resources in place for back to school. There has been an increase in resources in the main shopping areas and we expect more in coming days," Chambers said.

Superintendent Wilbert Campbell, head of the Central Kingston police, who has been dealing with sporadic murders since last Wednesday, told THE STAR, "there is gang warfare just on the edge of the business district and the police know the main players to some extent."

He, however, told our news team that the crimes are more on the western side of the city such as Matthews Lane, Pink Lanes and other communities.

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