Man robbed of passports, back-to-school treat money

August 23, 2016
Contributed Thieves broke into Ode Shepherd's car and made off with a bag containing his passports and approximately $100,000 in cash.
Ode Shepherd

A philanthropist who was robbed of approximately $100,000 in cash and his travel documents is pleading for the safe return of his passports.

Ode Shepherd has been giving back to his local community since he migrated to the United States more than a decade ago. He was on his way to buy educational items as part of a back-to-school treat for children in his community when he was robbed in downtown Kingston.




"I went to Orange Street to purchase books, pencils, sharpeners and bags for the kids in my community," Shepherd, who is from Ramble, St Thomas, said.

The incident took place on August 15 and was reported to the City Centre Police Station.

Shepherd told THE STAR that he had just parked his car along Orange Street and was on his way to make an enquiry when the criminals struck. They forced opened his car door and made off with a bag which contained the cash and his Jamaican and United States passports.

"I always try to give back to my community because, when I was growing up, no one had ever done it for me. The treat is very important to me and the money they took was for the back to school treat for the kids. It hurt me deeply when they rob and take away money [set aside] to do it. Even though I was robbed, I still proceed to do the treat. I wasn't able to give back all I wanted to, but I couldn't take away from the kids," Shepherd said.

A shaken-up Shepherd said the incident will not cause him to view his birth land in a negative light.

"I hope it is all worth it," he said, a comment aimed at the criminals.

"You have taken away from over 300 kids. Just return my passports, and I hope the cash you received will make you a better person," the philanthropist said.

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