Portia blames tardy party members for shock general election loss

August 23, 2016
File PNP President Portia Simpson Miller

People's National Party (PNP) President Portia Simpson Miller said that her party would not have lost the February 25 general election if members of her team were fully committed to the task.

"We were complacent in the general elections. If everybody and every worker had gotten out there like I did, across Jamaica, we would have been in power today," Simpson Miller said in Central Westmoreland on Sunday night.

The PNP, which went into the election with 42 seats in the 63-seat House of Representatives, lost the elections after nearly all its marginal seats to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Andrew Holness' JLP won the election by a one-seat margin.

Simpson Miller is being challenged for the leadership of the party by former Vice-President Dr Karl Blythe. However, she said that she has a duty to lead the PNP to victory in the local government elections, which are due by December.

"We must motivate our people to vote in this local government election. We must encourage people who support no party to vote PNP, we must encourage people who are already fed-up with the JLP Government to vote PNP," Simpson Miller said.

The PNP currently control all the parish councils on the island.

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