Two boys feared drowned in St Thomas

August 23, 2016
Lyssons Beach in St Thomas.
Ludlow Mathison ...It is careless to have the young boys swimming and not being monitored.

Two St Thomas youngsters are now feared drowned after they got into difficulties while at the Lyssons Public Beach in the parish yesterday evening.

Up to press time last night the the boys were yet to be found.

Leighton Blackstock, crime chief for the St Thomas, said the boys are believed to be ages 11 and 14.

"I got a confirmation that they were in the water on a log when the incident occurred. There is a police search party looking for their bodies now," he said.

THE STAR understands that about 6 p.m., the youngsters drifted out to sea on the log when one of them reportedly fell into the water and the other jumped in to assist him.

Mayor of Morant Bay, Ludlow Mathison, told THE STAR that he was saddened by the incident, which he said occurred out of carelessness.

"You can't have them size youth deh and you no have nobody a monitor them. If my nine and 11-year-old boys go to sea, me nah take mi eye off them, you know! As an adult, me nah take me eye off them and let two little young boys lose them lives like that. That is carelessness," he said.

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