Photographer robbed of $1.3 million worth of equipment

August 24, 2016
Randall Richards

After being robbed of more than $1.3 million worth of equipment, and other personal items a week ago, Randy Richards, said he now feels like "a fish out of water."

The co-owner of a commercial photography and video studio called Arrc Creative Media Limited is now appealing to anyone able to assist him in recovering or replacing the items which he needs to continue earning a living.

"I feel very bad about it. To lose the equipment is one thing, but the next thing is knowing that you have projects you were working on, you have things that you did for clients, and a lot of them are things you can't shoot over," he explained.

At the time of the incident, Richards' vehicle was parked on the Twin Gates Plaza in St Andrew minutes to midnight, when thieves smashed his window and made off with over 20 pieces of equipment, including his camera, laptop, and external hard drive storing many of his current projects. The thieves also took Richard's two passports.




Richards explained that he had a number of equipment at the time because he had just completed an assignment for a client and was preparing to travel to Montego Bay, St James to cover the Miss Jamaica Universe north coast tour, when the incident occurred.

"I was heading home and I stopped to get some food with a friend. I parked on the plaza under a light. By the time we came out, We realised the car was smashed. No security noticed what had happened," Richards recalled.

"I don't normally leave my stuff in the car. It's the first time I've ever left my stuff in the car for any length of time. It's not something I do or encourage."

Richards, who has been in digital media production since 2009, explained that his ordeal was not an isolated incident, as professionals in the field are often plagued by thieves who are aware of the value of the equipment they use.




"It happen to nuff people. It feels like a very targeted thing on the media community because they know that some of these items are small but they're very valuable so it's easy for them to just come and grab and go. These people have them crew and them little formula, and they keep doing it over and over, and I don't feel like enough is being done to thwart the issue," he said.

Despite the trauma caused by the ordeal, Richards said he harbours no ill will towards the criminals. "God Bless unuh heart, and I hope it serve you better then it served me. Peace, love, and light to you. Mi nah wish no evil pon nobody, but it hurts."

He said he is keeping his head up, because he still has life and a great support system around him. For the time being, coworkers and friends have committed to sharing their equipment with Richards to allow him to continue earning a living, but he will need assistance to get his own replaced soon.


Those wishing to assist, may contact Richards at 1 876 906 5706 or e-mail

Funds may also be donated to his Gofundme account entitled, Randy's Stolen Equipment Fund.

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