Heavy toll on highway


August 25, 2016
Toll rates on the North South link of highway 2000 are set to rise.

Users of the North-South Link of Highway 2000 should brace for massive increases at the toll booth come September 3.

Jamaica North-South Highway Company, the operators of the highway, has applied for the rates to be raised. The company has requested that road users be hit with the maximum charge that is allowable under the concession agreement that was signed in 2012.

If the rates, as proposed, and published in a ministerial order by Mike Henry stands, drivers of motor cars who use the entire stretch of the highway, which stretches from Caymanas in St Catherine to Mamee Bay in St Ann, will be required to pay $1,360 to use the full stretch of the road.

traffic volume

The rate for class two vehicles such as SUVs and vans will be $2,730, while class three vehicles such as trucks and trailers will be billed at $4,090.

Transport Minister Mike Henry said the request for an increase at this time is partly driven by the CPI, slippage in the value of the Jamaican dollar, and the fact that the projected traffic volume has not materialised.

Members of the public have five days within which to make submissions on the proposed rates.

The operators of the highway had agreed to roll back toll rates in March after public outcry about the levels being charged. Then, class one vehicles were being billed at $1,220 to use the entire length of the road. The rate fell to $915 after intervention from the Government.



$915 - $1360


$1837.50 - $2730


$2775 - $4090

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