Police investigate claims that ... Bad cop at heart of bloody gang war


August 25, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Police personnel last night gathered for a meeting with residents of Luke Lane in dowtown Kingston, which has been rocked by a bitter gang warfare.

Police investigate claims that ...

Bad cop at heart of bloody gang war

A policeman is said to be one of the main players in a major gang war that is ripping apart sections of downtown Kingston.

At least five persons have been murdered since last Wednesday and others injured by gunmen in a section of the capital city where Donald 'Zeeks' Phipps once ruled with an iron fist.

The latest incident took place Tuesday night in the form of a drive-by shooting at the corner of Luke Lane and Beeston Street in which two-year-old Demario Whyte of Luke Lane, Kingston, was shot dead and his father and another man injured.

Police reports are that, about 8 o'clock, several people were standing in the vicinity of Luke Lane and Beeston Street when a vehicle drove up and unknown assailants opened fire from the car, hitting little Demario, his father, and another man.

During a meeting staged in the Luke Lane community last night between the police and residents, the alarming claim that a lawman was at the centre of the current upsurge of violence was brought up.

"When we tell the police information, the police carry back we name and den man come kick off we door and murder we," a resident said during the meeting.

The Central Kingston police, led by Inspector Verna Henry and Assistant Superintendent Earl Willis, told them that they needed to speak up and cooperate with the police.

startling allegations

However, the residents say they fear the police more than the gunmen.

"A him a mek all of this a happen. A him a traffic man inna police vehicle come down here come kill man inna police vehicle," another resident said.

DSP C. Reid said he found the allegations startling.

"As a senior officer, I have noted the comments made here," he said.

Willis told THE STAR that it was the first time he was hearing that the policeman had been fingered in the gang warfare.

"I am going to check on it, and that's a fact, so that if anything, we can deal with it from early. I am going to check with our High Command ... and discuss it with him and cause for an investigation to be done to make sure and see what is happening," he said.

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