Red Stripe wants empty bottles before Christmas


August 25, 2016
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Red Stripe has been sending trucks to various communities to collect empty bottles.

Beverage company Red Stripe has embarked on a major drive to collect empty drink bottles before Christmas.

Moses Williams, head of sales at Red Stripe, told THE STAR that consumers are taking too long to return empty bottles. He wants consumers to break away from normal behaviour, which is to store bottles and then return just before the Christmas holidays.

"That doesn't help us to prepare for Christmas. What we would need is to get the bottles before," Williams said.

"We need to produce and stockpile products to match the December demand," he added.

The bottles being sought - Red Stripe, Guinness, Malta and Dragon have a price tag of $10 each, while a crate of bottles fetches $300. The beverage company has been sending trucks to various communities to collect the bottles.

Williams said that it is taking up to three months for a bottle, having left the plant, to be returned to the plant.

"The availability of product is definitely dependent on the bottle return so as we continue wanting to enjoy all the brands that we do have, definitely we have to make sure that we return the bottles that are out there," Williams said.

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