More safe buses to be rolled out for start of school year

August 26, 2016
Mike Henry

Transport Minister Mike Henry says plans are far advanced to roll out his 'Rural-Urban Bus Plan', as five buses will be made available in Clarendon in time for the beginning of the new school year which starts in September. 


"We can begin to look at a structured approach of transportation in the area as it relates to the safe commute of school children," he said.

This bus plan is one of the promises Henry made while on the campaign trail.

The Clarendon Safe School Bus Programme was officially launched in September 2014 by the Clarendon Parish Council and the Transport Authority, who embarked on the implementation of a school bus system to provide safe and comfortable transportation for students to and from school.

It started with three schools as part of a pilot project in and around the May Pen area, before it was expanded to include schools in south Clarendon such as Vere Technical and Garvey Macro high schools

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