Police pick up person of interest


August 26, 2016

Following a recent upsurge in violence in the west Kingston area, the Kingston Western police picked up one of the men listed as a person of interest on Wednesday.

He is Odane Leiba, otherwise called 'Shower Man'.

Although he has been picked up, the police division has increased the number of individuals named as persons of interest. The police believe that these men can assist with their investigation into the recent upsurge of violence in sections of the division, and they are being asked to report to the Denham Town Police Station by midday today.

They are: Steve Allen, 20, otherwise called 'Frenchie' of Charles Street, Kingston 14; Tafari Gayle, 19, otherwise called 'Tyson', of a Denham Town address; Robin Thompson, 28, otherwise called 'Dust', of Beeston Street, Kingston; a man known only as 'Deiago' of a Denham Town address; Chavaughn Blyden,18, otherwise called 'Turtle-Back', of Upper Regent Street, Kingston; Taja Freeman, 24, otherwise called 'Weng', of Bread Lane, Kingston; Jermaine Fyffe, otherwise called 'Timmo', 'Counsellor', and 'Jermaine' of Nelson Street, Kingston; Lancaster Coke, 25, otherwise called 'Bobmer T'; Raheem Coke, otherwise called 'Poo Charles'; Alvin Cavallier, otherwise called 'Bunny' of a Lincoln Crescent address in Kingston; Demar James; Hoshane Frazer, otherwise called 'Straight Up'; Will Small, otherwise called 'Omar'; Junior Powell, otherwise called 'Gaza Man'; and Paul Malcolm, otherwise called 'Paji'.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these men is being asked to contact the Denham Town police at 948-6443, police 119 emergency number, or the nearest police station.

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