'They were all over the place' ...Senior cop said Manchester couple knew people were looking for them

August 27, 2016
Wayne Chen ... Expecting a full report on doctor's absence from work.

'They were all over the place'

... Senior cop said Manchester couple knew

people were looking for them

After being missing for 30 days, a Manchester couple yesterday surfaced, and the police said that they were never kidnapped nor did they appear to have been in danger.

"They were all over the place," Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, head of the Manchester police, told THE STAR yesterday.

Chanique Cousins, 28, a medical doctor, and her companion Winston Davidson, 42, a teacher of Mike Town, Manchester, were thought to have been missing since July 28. However, it turned out that they were just enjoying the summer, while ignoring the fact that people were searching for them.

Cameron-Powell said that Cousins and Davidson were well aware that people were searching for them, but chose not to surface. Asked if the police intend to take any action against them, the senior cop said no.


staying low


"They have not broken any law. They did not tell anyone that they were missing," she said.

And as to whether they gave any reason for staying low so long, Cameron Powell said "none whatsoever."

The Mandeville police say on the day Cousins went missing, she called the hospital and reported that she had a family emergency and could not report to work until after a few days. However, after a protracted absence, and several failed attempts to contact her, the hospital reported Cousins missing.

Wayne Chen, chairman of the Southern Regional Health Authority, said yesterday that he is expecting a full report on the matter on Monday when he returns from an overseas trip.

Chen said that the Mandeville Regional Hospital made numerous attempts to contact Cousins, and that she had not reported for work for several weeks.

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