Digicel-STAR Jus' Skool scholarship winners

August 30, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer These patrons got copies of their favourite newspaper, THE STAR, and completed entry forms in a bid to win back-to-school scholarships, courtesy of THE STAR.

Thirteen scholarships valued at $15,000 each which were awarded by THE STAR at THE Digicel-STAR Jus' Skool back-to-school treat at the St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston on Saturday.

The scholarship winners are:

1. Abraham Whyte - Golden Spring Primary

2. Navaughn Davis Williams - Labyrinth Basic School

3. Ianay Williams - Harbour View Primary

4. Nicholas Simpson - Drews Avenue Primary

5. Malik Dacres - Oberlin High

6. Jahiem Mills - Kingston High

7. Jonathan Sinclair - Windward Road Primary

8. Kemar Forbes - Victory Academy

9. Dwayne John - Holy Family Primary

10. Khalil Foster - Dupont Primary

11. Shantae Phillips - Yallahs High

12. Nashai Dorma - University of Technology

13. Kavia Williams - Allman Town Primary

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