A grateful community says thanks retired principal

August 30, 2016

Former principal of the Grateful Hill Primary School, David Bowes, was on Sunday honoured for his service to the community of Glengoffe, St Catherine.

The recognition came from the St Aubyn Hope Foundation at the City Mission Church in Glengoffe.

Bowes, who took over the Grateful Hill Primary School in 1979, and served until 2011.

He recalled a peculiar problem during his early days at the school, which he said contributed to high absenteeism at the time.

"I realised there was a high enrolment but low attendance, and I made enquiries and was told the absentee children had sores that kept them home," Bowes said.

He said that he sent to the pharmacy and bought items for dressing the sores.

"One Monday morning when I looked outside, scores of students and parents turned up, I put on a white jacket and took turns to dress all the students, including one that caused me to be here today." Bowes continued.

One of those students was Theresa Whyte, who now heads the St Aubyn Foundation. One of Whyte's toes had to dressed twice before it was healed.

The St Aubyn Hope Foundation was establisshed to honour the memory of Constable Andre Whyte, who met an untimely death in 2007.

"We used his middle name St Aubyn to honour his memory along with my sister's daughter, Hope, who is two years old and is very sick," Whyte said.

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