SIZZLA WAS NOT ATTACKED BY GAYS ...Publicist says no show was cancelled in the US

August 30, 2016

... Publicist says no show was cancelled in the US

Reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji has denied allegations that his current US tour has been severely damaged by protests from the homosexual community.

According his publicist, Olimatta Taal, who spoke on his behalf, the media has been trying to exaggerate the situation for a headline.

She explained that there was one gay protest, which only resulted in a change of venue, but she insisted that no show was cancelled.

"The venue was changed for our September 23 show, but, other than that, every other show has been filled to capacity. We changed one venue to Oakland and the fans will be there because Sizzla has been doing over two-hour sets, and delivering over 50 songs at each show. We have had patrons from all races and they have been reciting the music," she told THE STAR.


The publicist said she is baffled that some media outlets would seek to hurt Sizzla's reputation given his value to reggae music.

"The vibration has been so phenomenal when you see the love that the people have for Sizzla. It's so hard to understand why he gets such a fight when all he has been doing is promoting love, happiness, and joy through his music. Don't get me wrong, his beliefs are his beliefs, but his fans love him for who he is, and they support him 100 per cent," she said.

Taal also rubbished claims that Sizzla Kalonji's US visa was revoked in 2008.

"His visa was never revoked, his visa expired and was not renewed when he applied. The misinformation that the media put out about Sizzla and other artistes are the things that hurt their careers," Taal told THE STAR.

Sizzla was recently reissued a work permit and is understandably one of the most sought after reggae acts in the United States.

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