Clarendon cops get back-to-school help


September 01, 2016
Head of the Clarendon police, Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey.

Sixteen Clarendon cops have received grants to offset back-to-school expenses for their children for the upcoming academic year.

The police officers received the grants from Clarendon Businessman Anthony Smatt at a ceremony held at the St Gabriel's Anglican church in May Pen recently.

National security minister Robert Montague was keen to note that the welfare of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and their families is of great importance to every Jamaican who values the work being done by the police.

"What you're giving from your own resources is what you have. You have chosen to give from the depths of your heart, and I wish others would do likewise because no matter what we believe is small might be great to other persons," Montague said.

Minister Montague said the Government alone cannot solve all the country's problems and so it requires partnership - the kind that was on display by Smatt.

Senior Superintendent of Police Fitz Bailey, commanding officer in charge of Clarendon, said he was proud to witness such a show of gratitude to the hard-working officers within his division.

"We are grateful that someone cares for us despite the demotivation our officers face on the job daily," he said.

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