GOD IS CALLING BEENIE, BOUNTY …Pastor wants dancehall artistes to embrace God

September 01, 2016
Bounty Killer (left) and Beenie Man.
Herro Blair Jr
Beenie Man
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer


... Pastor wants dancehall artistes to embrace God

Renowned minister of religion, Reverend Herro Blair Jr, said he is actively praying for a number of dancehall artistes, who he hopes will soon turn their lives over to the Lord, and influence the nation's misguided youths to follow suit.

The reverend said dancehall artiste Mr Vegas, who recently announced that he has taken up the Christian walk, was among the list of dancehall artistes he is praying for. Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, D'Angel, and Shabba are also holding high spots on his list.

"I'm very proud of Mr Vegas. I've been following him personally for the last three years and I've been waiting for this moment. In fact, I've been praying, and I've been anticipating it. There are a few others that I'm personally praying for," Blair revealed .

original list

He told THE STAR that he has been praying for various dancehall artistes for about 26 years, and Shabba is the only person on the original list who has not yet turned his life of the Lord.

"Back in the 80s, I was a Junior Tucker fan, and I prayed for him. I prayed for Chevelle Franklyn. I prayed for Lieutenant Stitchie. I prayed for Papa San. Shabba still hasn't come around, but his mother says he's coming," Blair said.

positive change

He explained that he does not necessarily want the artistes on his current list to become Christian entertainers, but for them to give their lives to the Lord and continue using their influence to inspire positive change in the nation's youths.

"These guys (artistes) have been able to influence Jamaican men over the years, so my prayer has been that when they get saved they sing positive music to transform the nation, not necessarily gospel music, but positive songs that appeal to everyone," Blair explained.

Both Beenie Man and D'Angel told THE STAR that they are grateful for the Blair's prayers.

"I embrace all the prayers that he is giving, because it's all about positiveness. Prayer is the strongest thing on the earth, so if somebody is praying for you to be better and be stronger in anything that you're doing, I embrace that 100 per cent," Beenie Man told THE STAR.

"I am a man of God. I love God in my own way, and I pray to God everyday."

He, however, said he has no plans of becoming a baptised Christian.

D'Angel, who buried her father yesterday, also expressed gratitude.

"I just want to say thanks to the Reverend and ask him to continue keeping me in his prayers. I am a God-fearing person and someone that is very influential among the youths, mainly from Spanish Town, but I've always had challenges that I have to overcome," she said.

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