Stevie Face joins PNP executive in West St Thomas


September 01, 2016
Stevie Face

Reggae singer Stevie Face is contemplating making the move from music to representational politics, but admits that he is "not there yet" where seeking a seat in the nation's Parliament is concerned.

Stevie Face, whose given name is Anwar Hanchard, was recently elected a member of the People's National Party's West St Thomas executive.

"I have accepted that position, but to say that I am going to be a candidate for the People's National Party (PNP), I am not saying that I am there yet," the singer told THE STAR.

West St Thomas is currently represented in the Parliament by James Robertson, a member of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Robertson has been MP since 2002.

"St Thomas is my parish and I want to play an integral role in it, and I have been doing it. But to say that I am going to throw my hat in the political arena now, not at this present moment," Stevie Face said

The Oh Happy Day singer said that many persons have suggested that he consider running for MP and that was why he was warmly received when he attended the constituency's most recent meeting where the executive was elected. "They are trying to pull me into the process because they feel that I can make a difference," Stevie Face said. Marsha Francis is the PNP's caretaker in the constituency. She lost to Robinson by 414 votes in the February 25 general election, but Stevie Face feels that his influence as a businessman and entertainer can help return the seat to the PNP whenever the next elections are called.

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