Jamaican electrician sentenced for cocaine smuggling

September 02, 2016

A Jamaican electrician was found guilty in a Bermudian court on Wednesday for trying to smuggle cocaine, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt.

According to www.royalgazette.com, 31-year-old Tyrone Brown is behind bars after being convicted of trying to smuggle more than $90,000 worth of cocaine into Bermuda.

He was remanded into custody by Acting Justice Charlene Scott, after being unanimously found guilty of importing 894 grams of the drug through L.F. Wade International Airport in his baggage.

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that Brown will be sentenced in October.

Reports are that he arrived in Bermuda on April 17, on an American Airlines flight from Miami, having started his journey in Jamaica.

Customs officers told the Supreme Court that Brown appeared nervous and fidgety when he presented them with a blank immigration form upon arrival in Bermuda.

Brown allegedly told officials that he had come to Bermuda on holiday, but was not planning on meeting anyone.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that Brown's luggage did not arrive until the following day, and was searched by customs officers who discovered two packages of cocaine, which prosecutors said had a street value of between $95,000 and $132,000.

He was later arrested and questioned by detectives. Brown had denied trying to import the drugs into Bermuda, although he decided not to take the stand and give his version of events.

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