Wife charged in connection with deejay's murder


September 03, 2016

The wife of deejay Jamari Reid, 56-year-old Monique Cooke-Reid of Ontario, Canada, has been charged with soliciting to murder in entertainer's death.

The Falmouth Gardens community in which Jamari lived was plunged into mourning after the deejay was killed execution style.

According to reports, armed men entered his home on August 24 and tied up the other occupants of the house, and then shot Jamari in the chest and head.

It is said that the gunmen casually walked out the back door of the building after committing the murder.

Their nonchalant departure and the fact that the other occupants of the house were not hurt, spurred rumours that the deejay was in fact marked for death.

The up-and-coming artiste is known for singles such as Wild Life and M. O. N. E. Y.

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