God still works miracles - 11-y-o suffering from pancreatitis gets better

September 05, 2016
File Karmala Pitter with her son, Kavon Briffith earlier this year
Contributed Kavon Briffith receiving tretment at the hospital in the US

- 11-y-o suffering from pancreatitis gets better

After going through two years of tribulation with her ailing son, Kamarla Pitter is finally breathing a sigh of relief following his successful treatment, and said she has a message for mothers faced with a similar situation, which is, "Never give up on your child, and always look to God."

Pitter's son, Kavon Briffith, 11, was in 2014, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis - a life-threatening disease which impairs digestion and is accompanied by severe pain. Since then, he had been in and out of hospital, with his medical bills mounting to some $300,000, and a further $2 million for specialist treatment overseas. Young Kavon's sickness had reduced him to a feeble figure, who could only consume his meals through tubes. He also missed out on months of school at St Aloysius Primary in Kingston, as well as the Grade Six Achievement Test which he was to sit in March.

"It mashing him up, I have to come here everyday to try and keep his spirit up because he is always asking about eating and returning to school," Pitter had told THE STAR earlier this year, when her son was admitted at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.




The situation caused much grievance for the single mother, but she fought on her only child. Initially, Pitter, who is also an upcoming recording artiste with the stage name, Queen Kamarla, sold her CDs to care for her son, but that income could not cover the cost of treatment. She then began appealing to the public for assistance via THE STAR, and many persons came on board to offer help, including a politician, who made an anonymous donation to enable the pair to go to the Cleveland Clinic in America for treatment.

On August 17, Kavon started receiving treatment at the specialist hospital and was released a week later. Pitter told THE STAR that she is now overwhelmed with joy to see her son overcome his ailment. She said the experience has left her with a profound message.

"I want to tell mothers who have a sick child, don't give up hope, no matter what. Just look to God and he will carry you through," she advised. "I have to give God all the glory. He has proven himself that he is real. I also want to thank everyone who supported us."

The two are expected back on the island tomorrow, and Young Kavon will resume school on September 12. He told THE STAR that he is feeling fine, and is looking forward to going back to school because he misses his friends and teachers, and is eager to continue his studies. Kavon, who will celebrate his 12th birthday next month, loves the sciences and wants to become a policeman. "So that I can catch all the bad men," he said.

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