Peters clash to replace Portia

September 06, 2016
Dr Peter Phillips
Peter Bunting

A clash of the Peters is on the horizon in the People’s National Party (PNP) as two heavyweights with the biblical name have indicated an intention to challenge for the leadership of the party.
Dr Peter Phillips, a former vice-president of the PNP, has declared that he will be a candidate for president whenever current leader Portia Simpson Miller steps down from that post and a vacancy for leadership.
Peter Bunting, a former general secretary, has also indicated an interest in becoming president of the PNP.
Simpson Miller has been president of the PNP since 2006. She overcame a Phillips challenge to her leadership in 2008.

Simpson Miller is again being challenged for the leadership of the PNP, this time by Dr Karl Blythe, another former vice-president of the party. The election will take place at the party’s annual conference later this month.
Meanwhile, Phillips, in declaring his intention to challenge for the post, said he believes in “orderly transition” and will await Simpson Miller’s departure.
“Whenever the party leader decides and the party decides and there is a transition to take place, I intend, by the grace of God, to offer myself,” Phillips said, while speaking at his East Central St Andrew constituency conference at Jacisera Park near Half-Way Tree in St Andrew on Sunday night
“With no disrespect to anyone and none to the party leader, I know that a time will come when a transition will take place. I believe in orderly transition. That is why my name is not on any ballot this September. There was never any intention for my name to be on any ballot this September because I believe in the protection of the party,” Phillips said.








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