Boy allegedly sent home from school for having long hair

September 07, 2016

A Corporate Area preparatory school, which has come under scrutiny for allegedly refusing to allow a child to attend the institution for fears that his curly hair might attract lice, has said they do not wish to comment on the matter.

“This is a private preparatory school, and we have no comment to make at this time,” a representative from the school told THE STAR.

The school came under fire recently after a Twitter user shared a tweet showing a toddler with curly hair stating, "Adorable little boy sent home from kindergarten at [name of school]. Parents told hair too long and he might bring lice."

An update was later posted claiming that the child has now been expelled from the school.

“Update: Little boy effectively expelled. Parents told he is not welcome on campus even if he cuts his hair,” the Twitter user said.

The developments have sent persons on social media in a frenzy, many of whom expressed their anger at the alleged move by the school, saying it was uncalled for.

Among them was social commentator, Nadene Spence, who tweeted, “Foolishness, this thing of policing people’s bodies.”

Another person tweeted, “There would be no school for anybody today if that was my child. Not all situations call for level-headed responses.”

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