'Jamaican Government sell wi out' ...Deportees furious after returning to the island this morning

September 07, 2016
Some of the 42 deportees sent back to Jamaica by the United Kingdom, at Mobile Reserve in St Andrew, where they were being processed on September 7.

Approximately 42 deported Jamaicans arrived at the Mobile Reserve on South Camp Road in St Andrew from the United Kingdom this morning where they were processed. 

With family members, bystanders and the media converging at the location, the deportees masked their faces, and some even threatened reporters with violence.

The consensus among the deportees seems to be that the Government of Jamaica has sold them out.

Seon Clarke, who had been living in the United Kingdom for over five years, was furious when he spoke to STAR Online.

“The Jamaican Government is selling us out. Dem tek 20 grand fi each head, and these governments in these countries are using racism to deal with us,” said Clarke, admitting that he was charged for possession of marijuana while living in the United Kingdom. 

Another deportee, who asked not to be named, said, “Jamaica sell  wi out,” before he was whisked away in a car.

STAR Online learnt that only 20 families showed up to receive the 42 deportees.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade said in a statement that it was aware of the planned deportation of the 42 Jamaicans by way of a chartered flight. The ministry said that the Ministry of National Security advised that such flights have been used for this purpose for several years. 


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