'We properly handled the matter' ...School responds after boy is sent home for long hair

September 08, 2016

Despite much public uproar about a young boy who was sent home from the Hopefield Preparatory School in St Andrew because his hair was too long, the institution is maintaining that it handled the matter properly.

Earlier this week, especially on social media, many persons blasted the school after it was said that the child had been sent home from school because of his long hair.

When STAR Online contacted the school yesterday, we could not get a comment from the principal or anyone at the institution.

However, the school released a statement today to address the issue, stating that "the school has succeeded in nurturing students whose academic and social development has given them an excellent foundation for higher education."

The school, which was started in 1959, said it is disturbed by "several allegations made publicly," and felt it was necessary to comment on them.

"Having regard to the well-established and documented rules of the school, which are not unique to the school and which are applied to all of our students, and in the light of the various regulations which we are required to observe, we are satisfied that we properly handled the matter," the release said.

In the statement, the school also said it remains committed to ensuring that the school year proceeds with usual efficiency and sense of purpose which has made the school a place of discipline, enjoyment and satisfaction. 




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