Chinese national, employee accused of beating man

September 09, 2016

A Chinese national, who operates a wholesale in the Corporate Area, and one of his employees were hauled before the St Andrew Parish Court today for allegedly beating a man they thought was stealing from the establishment.

Xiaoping Wong, the Chinese national, and Shervin Nelson, his employee, were both charged with assault occasioning bodily harm. Nelson was also charged with unlawful wounding.

It is alleged that on the day in question, the complainant entered the establishment and was walking around, when Wong and Nelson wrongfully accused him of stealing, and proceeded to beat him.

The complainant claimed that he tried to explain to the men that he was not stealing, but they continued to beat him, resulting in him being wounded.

When the allegations were read to Wong for him to enter a plea, he stood unresponsive.

Nelson explained that Wong could not comprehend the proceedings as he does not speak English.

“Him just come down from China, so him people them a try teach him patois, but him nuh catch it yet,” Nelson told the court.

The two men had their bails extended, and are to return to court on September 30, when a translator will be present to navigate Wong through the proceedings.

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