Killed for being a Good Samaritan - Family mourns triple murder victims

September 09, 2016
Contributed Not even the cross on the door to Albert Pryce house, could deter the killers.

Family members and friends of the three people gunned down in Annotto Bay, St Mary yesterday, are still grappling with their tragic deaths.

Nine-month-old Aleair Sewell, her mother, Rushell Williams, 25, and Albert Pryce, 62, were shot dead at Pryce's home on Love Lane about 3 a.m. Williams, who was a bartender, died leaving three children, while Pryce, died leaving seven.

Up to the time of his death, Pryce was offering refuge to the troubled young mother and her baby, after finding out that she was contemplating suicide. William's mother, Blassett Stewart, explained that her daughter had been facing a perilous time, after getting pregnant. This caused great distress in the young girl's life, and Pryce was trying to help her.

"She was about to abort the child and me counsel her, and get me pastor to counsel her so she decide to keep it," Stewart said. "He [Pryce] saw her, and she said she's going to kill herself, and him was sorry fi her, so him say him ago take her up and help her, and the man did help her through-out the pregnancy until she have baby."

Stewart fainted when she got the news of her daughter's death, as she never expected her to lose her life in such a tragic way, especially since Pryce was taking care of her. "Mi daughter leave me home Tuesday to go to Annotto Bay [where Pryce lives]. She was happy, and smiling when she left. Right now I'm still weak, I'm trying to sleep, but the sleep can't come," the mother said, adding that William's three surviving children are shaken up, finding it difficult to come to terms with their mother's death.


humble person


Equally distraught is Pryce's son, Albert Pryce Jr, who said his father was a good-natured man, whom he never imagined would have met such a demise. "He was just a humble person weh go work, come in back, watch him TV. A no somebody who walk and trouble people, or have anything with anybody fi dem come kill him," he said.

Pryce Jr said he did not know his father was providing refuge for the young woman and her baby until yesterday, however, he said he is not blaming her for the tragedy.

"Mi hear say a him buy everything fi her and the baby, because when me a search through some papers, me find some ultrasound papers with the girl's name on it inna him draw. Me hear say a him buy baby clothes and stuff fi the baby," he said.

Both family members are hoping for the perpetrator(s) to be caught so they can get closure.

Head of the St Mary police, Deputy Superintendent Dwight Powell, said no one has been arrested in connection with the incident, however, investigations suggest the crime is of a domestic nature. He noted that the child's father was questioned and released.

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