28 injured in Clarendon crash


September 10, 2016
The Toyota Hiace bus that was in a two-vehicle collision in Clarendon, yesterday.

One day after eluding Transport Authority personnel, the carelessness of an illegal operator almost resulted in the death of nearly two dozen students in Clarendon.

"While on operation yesterday, we had tried to intercept this vehicle because we noticed it was operating illegally. However, it eluded us twice, and it's not the first time we notice that bus operating," Arlene Smith, the Transport Authority's regional manager for the southern region, said.

The bus, which was transporting Garvey Maceo students, crashed into a motor car, which is a licenced taxi. At least 28 people, including 23 students, were injured.

designated buses

Following yesterday's crash, Copeland Vidal, president of the Garvey Maceo Parent-Teacher Association, called for a ticketing system to be implemented to have students take the designated buses to school.

"If we could somehow get the parents to purchase prepaid tickets that will only be valid on the designated transportation then the students wouldn't have that much more cash at their disposal to ride on whichever bus they choose," Vidal said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has urged Jamaicans to be careful on the roads.

"All Jamaicans must make road safety their priority as a lot of the incidents are not because of road conditions or the weather, but careless road use, and a disregard for the rules of the road or respect for fellow road users," Holness said.

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