Marcus Garvey flooding leaves cars under water

September 10, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Motorist in high water on East Ave in Greenwich Farm and Marcus Garvey Drive intersection on Friday 9.9.2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer This policeman attempts to stop motorists from entering high water on East Avenue, which runs off Marcus Garvey Drive, yesterday.
These vehicles were not spared from the vicious flood waters.
The Wallenford Coffee factory was flooded by water that flowed from the roadway.
This man was determined to make his way across the flooded road.

Several cars were left floating yesterday after a heavy downpour left sections of Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston flooded.

The flood water not only slowed the flow of traffic, but it also made its way into nearby properties causing major damage.

"About eight cars have been destroyed. They were floating like boats, and hitting each other out there," said Dr Andre Kong, director of fisheries.

"The fence is down. The whole place is flooded," said Kong of the Fisheries Division's Head Office at Marcus Garvey Drive.

The Wallenford Coffee Factor, which is also located in the area, was flooded.

Stephen Shaw, communication manager of the National Works Agency, said that improper garbage disposal along Marcus Garvey Drive, where road work is under way, contributed to the flooding.

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