Fisheries Division temporarily closed following Friday's flooding

September 12, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer A fireman looks on at the inundated compound of the Fisheries Division whose employees were stranded last Friday.

Following last Friday's flooding on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) has temporarily closed its Fisheries Division to facilitate clean-up operations at the facility.

There was severe flooding in the area on Friday and several motorists were left stranded because of the flood waters. Two of the worst affected properties in the area were the Fisheries Division and the Wallenford Coffee Company.

Now that the water has receded, the ministry is reporting that the "floods damaged records and equipment and have disrupted both electricity and Internet connectivity, thus rendering normal operations impossible at this time."

In the release sent to STAR Online, the ministry added that the upper floor of the building was not affected, but significant damage was done to the ground floor where most of the technical functions of the division are carried out.

The ministry also said it expects the clean-up work, which began on Sunday, to be completed during the course of the week.


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