Act now to stem crime in St Mary ...MP calls for intervention

September 13, 2016
Winston Green

Arguing that there is the need for more employment and training opportunities to be provided for the people in St Mary, one of the parish's three parliamentarians is proposing the programmes be put in place to assist young entrepreneurs.

Dr Winston Green, whose South East St Mary constituency was rocked by a triple murder last Thursday, said he has introduced some programmes but more needs to be done to assist his constituents.

"Initiatives I have started such as assisting young entrepreneurs with machinery and tools in enterprises such as a tyre shop, a block factory, and a music studio need to be replicated on a larger scale," Green said.

His call for greater social intervention comes as the Annotto Bay police probe the circumstances surrounding the death of three persons at their home on Love Lane, Annotto Bay.

A nine-month-old infant along with her mother, Rochelle Williams, 25, and Albert Pryce, 62, were the murder victims.

Noting that the shootings continues a spate of murders in the parish of St Mary and represents the second triple murder in Annotto Bay since he became member of Parliament in 2011, Green said that the "sad state of affairs demands immediate action from the minister of national security and the wider society.


"There is a lack of training and employment opportunities in a town where approximately 60 per cent of the population are between 15-30 years old. My attempt at creating a building at the Annotto Bay High School for skills training was curtailed due to the immediate need to house the sixth-formers there. The skills training centre I am repairing at Broadgate needs assistance to be completed," Green said.

"I am again calling on the Government to look into accelerating these kinds of community initiatives in combination with other measures to stem the wave of murders and other crimes in St Mary Southeast and in the Town of Annotto Bay in particular," Green said.

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