Samsung Galaxy Note 7 too dangerous to use

September 13, 2016
Samsung Electronics recommended South Korean customers to stop using the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, which the company is recalling worldwide after several dozen of them caught fire.


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says owners of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones should turn them off and stop using them because of the risk that their batteries can explode.

The agency said Friday that it's working with Samsung on an official recall of the phones "as soon as possible" and that it's trying to figure out if the company's replacement Note 7s are an "acceptable remedy".

Samsung has begun a global recall of the phone, just two weeks after its launch, because of the risk of them catching fire or exploding.

Samsung said it had confirmed 35 instances of the problem, out of 2.5 million phones sold.

In a statement Friday, Samsung Electronics America asked Note 7 owners to shut off their phones and exchange them now for another device.

The company says new Note 7 phones will not be available until after the CPSC finishes its "process," but owners can exchange the Note 7s now for a different model.

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