Crackdown on pig rearing in residential communities

September 14, 2016

The St Catherine Health Department has expressed concerns about the rearing of pigs in residential communities in the parish.

Grayson Hutchinson, deputy public health inspector, said that persons have been found rearing pigs in their backyards, a practice that is prohibited under the Keeping of Animals Act.

"We are seeing where persons rearing pigs in Angels, Brown's Hall and other communities, and it has become a nuisance to other residents," Hutchinson said in an interview with THE STAR.

He said that at least two persons have been prosecuted in recent times and are before the court.

The Keeping of Animals Act, among other things, restricts the keeping of animals in certain areas.

Under the law, any person who keeps an animal in contravention of the provision can be fined up to $200 if convicted in the parish court, or, in default of payment, to imprisonment for up to three months.

Mayor Norman Scott, chairman of the St Catherine Parish Council, said the council is not in support of the practice of rearing pigs in backyards.

"There are farming lots and residential lots. It means that no pigs, goats, chickens or other animals should be grown to the inconvenience and nuisance of others," Scott said.

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