Police target Trelawny criminals

September 14, 2016
A section of the town square in Wakefield, Trelawny.

The Trelawny police said that no motives have been identified for the murder of Warren Hodges in the community of Wakefield in the parish on Sunday.

"We are working on some leads. We don't have any motives as yet but we are working on some leads," Superintendent Clive Blair of the Trelawny Division said.

The drive-by murder in Wakefield is confirming the fears of many that this community is becoming the murder capital of the parish.

"Wakefield is the number one hotspot in Trelawny," Blair said.

"We plan to have a meeting in that area. We are also doing some operational activities in Wakefield and we are making an assessment of the area in terms of targeting violence producers."

Warren Hodges was murdered when assailants drove up to his gate and gunned him down while he stood with other persons. Reports are that they alighted from the vehicle, shot Hodges then re-entered the vehicle and drove away. Two other persons who were also shot are in a medical facility but are not considered critical.

"The area is tense but calm as we speak, and there is police presence in the area which we have to maintain," Blair said.

Last month, there was a drive-by shooting which injured four persons in the same community. Police reports are that four men were socialising when a car with men drove up and opened fire. The men were all hit but one was further injured when he fell and was run over by the car, rendering him unconscious. He regained consciousness a day after.

Since the start of the year a number of persons have been killed in the community, the largest number of any community, which has thrown the community into fear.

Sunday's latest killing is spoken about in hushed tones as persons are fearful about the brazenness of the attacks.

"We have 18 murders this year compared to 17 last year at the corresponding period," Blair said.

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