Junction main road in St Mary to be widened

September 15, 2016
In this 2006 photo, a section of the Junction mainroad in St. Mary was reduced to single land following a landslide in the area. The Agualta Vale to Broadgate section of the Junction road is to be repaired and widened.

Driving around the Junction main road in St Mary will soon get easier as the Agualta Vale to Broadgate road is to be repaired and widened.

Five kilometres of the roadway, which forms part of the Junction Road, will receive attention this year as Cabinet has approved a $598-million contract for work to begin.

The contract was awarded to Surrey Paving Ltd.

"It will be widened, some of the corners will be taken out, and there will be improved drainage. It will be a wider, smoother, more comfortable road," Stephen Shaw, manager of communication and customer services at the National Works Agency (NWA), told THE STAR.

Dr Winton Green, the member of parliament for South East St Mary, said the Junction Road is badly in need of upgrade.

"Many a times it is blocked, or there is one-way traffic when there are heavy rains and there is land slippage," the MP noted.

He said that a widening of the road would make it much easier for commuters.

"They have chosen maybe the worst curves, but I would hope that there will be a continuation of the programme, which will see all of the road getting attention. Five kilometres is a drop in the bucket with respect to the Junction Road," Green said.

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