Six-year-old girl remains in hospital ...Mother prays for child's full recovery

September 15, 2016
The Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Prayer is the only option for the mother of a six-year-old girl who is now in intensive care after being shot during a confrontation between police and gunmen in Spanish Town, St Catherine, yesterday.

"I am praying that she will pull through, as she is to undergo another operation to correct a bone in her head. So, prayer and hope is what I am depending on," Janice Lundy said.

The distraught mother told STAR Online that the child has been admitted to the Bustamante Hospital for Children. 

She lamented that her child should be in school today, but now she can only hope that her daughter makes it through this horrible ordeal.

"My child should be in school, but the injuries now take over everything. Mi just a pray fi har," she said.

The police confirmed that during a shoot-out on March Pen Road in Spanish Town yesterday the child was injured.

Reports are that about 3 p.m. a police party accosted a group of heavily armed gunmen in an area called 'Africa'. During the exchange of gunfire, the child was shot. 



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