Six-year-old girl shot in Spanish Town

September 15, 2016


A six-year-old girl was shot in March Pen Road, Spanish Town, yesterday.

Police reports are that about 3 p.m. a police party accosted a group heavily armed gunmen in an area called 'Africa'.

A shoot-out ensued, and during the exchange of gunfire, the little girl was shot.

She was rushed to hospital by the police.

The area was since been blanketed with a heavy police presence.

The shooting of the child followed that of a male who was shot and injured about 1:30 p.m. in the Spanish Town Bus Park.

Several children have been gunshot victims in recent weeks. Last Thursday, a nine-month old baby was murdered in Annotto Bay, St Mary.

A two year old child was shot and killed in Kingston in August, and a five year old was short and injured on Tulip Lane in Kingston earlier this month.

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