Cops ignores anti-corruption law

September 20, 2016
Approximately 50 per cent of public servants, many of whom are police, have failed to declarations their assets and liabilities to the country's anti-corruption authorities.

A vast number of police officers continue to ignore the laws of the land by not declaring their assets and liabilities to the anti-corruption body that has been set up to fight corruption.

Of the 12,805 declarations expected from police in 2013-2014, only 8,128 were filed. This means that 4,677 declarations were not filed.

Under the law, statutory declarations are required from public servants whose total annual salary is $2 million or more. Public servants such as police officers are required to make declarations irrespective of whether their salary reaches $2 million.

Based on the latest annual report of the Corruption Prevention Commission, which was tabled in Parliament last week, approximately 50 per cent of public servants who are required to file declarations are not doing so.

"The commission again wishes to highlight the tendency of many public servants to continually breach the legislation, having failed to furnish their statutory declaration of assets, liabilities, and income despite the heavy penalties under the act and as a part of the strategy aimed at reducing delinquency has commenced dialogue with the heads of agencies," the report said.

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