September 20, 2016
In this 2005 file photo, these three students travel comfortably on a bike taxi in Little London, Westmoreland.

A Broughton Primary School student was

yesterday forced to seek medical attention after he fell from a bike taxi which crashed into another in Little London, Westmoreland.

The 11-year-old boy did not suffer any life threatening injuries, but his mother, Geneve Eccleston, said that he is adamant that he will never go back on another motorcycle.

"Him a tell mi say him nah go back pon no more bike, but mi nuh know how else him a go reach because it's a good distance," Eccleston told THE STAR yesterday.

It takes approximately eight minutes to travel from Mango Hall where they live to get to Broughton by motorcycle, and nearly half hour on foot.

Principal of Broughton Primary School, Marva Davis-Clarke, told THE STAR that travelling on bike taxis continues to pose grave danger to students.

"The accidents getting ridiculously out of hand now," she said.

It was just a little more than a week ago that the Broughton Primary School was highlighted by THE STAR when the principal entered a competition to win a bus for the school.

Davis-Clarke said that there have been frequent accidents involving bike taxis transporting children to school, but there is no present alternative.

"The need for the bus is really great as the bike taxi is not a choice, but is the only option for these children," Davis-Clarke told THE STAR a week ago.

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