St Catherine fire victims to get help

September 22, 2016
Rasbert Turner Photo Residents examine the rubble following a fire in St Catherine early yesterday morning.
Rasbert Turner Photo This yard full of rubble shows the damage that was done by the early morning fire in St Catherine yesterday.

Persons who lost their belongings in a fire that occurred in an area commonly called Top Banks in March Pen Road, St Catherine, yesterday are set to get temporary assistance.

"We are going contact Food for the Poor to get some assistance for them. Plus we will be doing our best to help, as this is a sad loss to many working persons," Mayor of Spanish Town, Norman Scott, said.

sewing machine

Meanwhile, Eastern St Catherine Member of Parliament, Denise Daley, said she will be buying a sewing machine and other items for some of the affected persons.

THE STAR was informed that at about 3:40 a.m. residents were awakened by shouts of fire, as an inferno had engulfed the premises.

Firefighters from the Spanish Town Fire Department managed to put out the blaze, but they were unable to state the cause of the fire or the estimated cost of the loss.

The St Catherine North police have since launched an investigation into the matter.

Although assistance is being promised, vendor Lorna Scott said the loss was massive.

"I lost about $2 million in the fire as I had just shopped for Christmas and everything gone up in flames. This is a big set back, but I am thankful for life," she said.

Her views were echoed by other residents, some of whom lost furniture and clothing. The livelihood of several persons was also disrupted as a restaurant, barber shop and a bar were lost in the blaze.

"I feel it very badly that among those who are without a roof are three orphans. This is very hurtful to future of these children who now have additional stress," another resident told THE STAR.

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