Bleaching cream promises whiteness in 7 days …Dermatologist warns against new skin lightening cream

September 23, 2016
In this photo taken February 15, 2011, a woman applies skin lightening cream to her legs as she sits on a curb in downtown Kingston.
An online-based store has been selling Bleach Me Out White for the past two months.

Many Jamaicans are now flocking a new skin bleaching product on the market called 'Bleach Me Out White', a cream which promises to whiten the skin in as little as a week.

A representative from the Kingston-based online store boasted that the product is in high demand, and he can also attest to its powers.

"For me, it is too strong because I have been bleaching for years, but I do use it. Like how my birthday is coming up now, I'm going to use it next week because I know two twos, I will get that tone that I want," the representative told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The fast-acting bleaching cream is being distributed by the local entity, which sources the product from an African store overseas. The representative said they have been distributing the cream for about two months, and it is among their top sellers.

"We sourced it and shipped it to Jamaica because we see where it is getting great feedback overseas. So we decided to partner with some people and bring it here to Jamaica," he said, noting that customers shell out $5,000 for the 14 ounce jar and half that price for the seven ounce jar.

He, however, noted that some customers complain of a burning sensation, but that is yet to deter them from buying.


Skin stripping


In addition to the burning sensation, the user experiences skin stripping, which he said is necessary to achieve the white complexion.

The bleaching cream sales person explained that the active ingredient in the product is a high concentration of kojic acid, as well as collagen and beta-carotene. He advised that the product is to be used sparingly, as it is very powerful.

"You need to rub in your cream. It's best if you put in on like three, four, five times, than to use a lot and let it stay on you skin. That is why a lot of people in Kingston look like lobster and shrimp because they put on the strong things and let it soak," he explained.

However, dermatologist Dr Carol Burrell, said the ingredients mentioned by the sales persons cannot accomplish such rapid skin whitening effects by themselves.

"Kojic acid is used to slow melanin production, and it is safe in low concentrations. It can cause skin irritation in high concentrations, but it cannot whiten the skin so fast, so there must be something else in there," she said.

"If people use these creams that's going to cause burning and stripping, it going to cause a lot of irritation which can result in hyperpigmentation, where the skin gets darker than it was before. This also exposes the skin, which can result in skin cancer," the dermatologist warned.

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