This is like civil war - MoBay Mayor

September 23, 2016
Glendon Harris

Montego Bay's Mayor Glendon Harris said yesterday that he feels like giving up in the wake on multiple shootings in his city which left at least four persons dead and several injured.

"This side, is like you have a civil war," Harris told THE WEEKEND STAR last night as he lamented the fact that criminals have been running riot in the second city.

In yesterday's incident in Ironshore, which occurred close to the popular Blue Diamond Complex, shots reportedly barked for several minutes as gangsters armed with rifles and handguns snuffed out the life of a Glendevon man, identified only as 'Bob.' Several other persons at the location were also injured.

Yesterday, there were also reports of at least three other persons being killed in Cambridge, Brandon Hill and Tangle River.


Several persons


But since the start of this week, there has been a spike in shootings across the parish resulting in several persons being killed despite heavy police and military presence.

At approximately 7:20 a.m. last Tuesday, gunmen opened fire on a bus in downtown Montego Bay, killing the driver and injuring two Maldon High School students.

There have also been other reports of shootings in the communities such as Norwood, Tucker, Glendevon, Catherine Mount, Tangle River and the Cambridge area.

In responding to the ongoing violence across the parish, Heroy Clarke, the member of parliament for Central St James, pleaded with the violence-producing thugs to lay down their guns and take up their bibles.

However, on Wednesday, a day after Clarke's plea, the community of Glendevon was thrown into mourning when news broke that popular community figure, Franklyn 'Big Frank' Lawrence, was murdered along Union Street in Montego Bay.

Yesterday afternoon, less than three hours after the Ironshore incident, there were reports of heavy gunfire in the 'Gulf' area of Norwood. Unconfirmed reports stated that several persons were been shot.

The police have since imposed a curfew in Glendevon, St James, which began at 6 p.m. yesterday and will remain in effect until 6 p.m. tomorrow.

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