Robbers target St Ann community

September 23, 2016
A church in Philadelphia St.Ann.

The spate of robberies in St Ann has continued, and the community of Philadelphia is among the latest to be affected by criminals.

Four houses were robbed last week Friday when gunmen fired shots widely in the community, kicking residents' doors open and taking their belongings.

"Dem thief from flat-screen TVs to watches," Marcia Brown, a resident in the community, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

One of the victims, who asked for his identity to be withheld, said that they broke into his house in the dead of night.


"I was wide awake chilling and about 10 minutes to 12 mi just hear a barrage a gunshots so mi just get up and mi sidung up inna the room," the victim said.

"Mi peep through the window and mi wife a seh close the window. So mi close the window. About 10 or 15 minutes later mi just hear some footsteps a run inna di yard. Den mi hear dem start seh weh di boy deh, weh di boy deh weh run inna the yard. Then dem kick off the door and come in and start rob us," the victim said.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that the robbers took money, phones, and laptop.

"The only thing dem nuh tek is mi TV, because a one of the big back mi have and dem only want flatie," he said referring to flat-screen television.

The police's communication arm, the Corporate Communications Unit, confirmed that four houses were robbed.

"We got a statement from the Brown's Town Police Station stating that there was a robbery/shooting incident.

Individuals were robbed of cell phones and other valuables," CCN said.

"During the robbery, a licensed firearm holder was made aware of what was happening and challenged the men. A shoot-out ensued, but nobody was injured."

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