September 24, 2016

A young man who used a machete to chop up his grandfather will have to fork out $20,000 to cover the medical expenses incurred as a result of the wounds he inflicted.

The accused, Howard Ferguson, who pleaded guilty to the unlawful wounding charge in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday, has until October 18 to cover his grandfather's medical bills. However, he advised the court that it will be difficult to find the money because he is unemployed.

The court heard that, on September 13, Howard used a machete to chop his grandfather on the forehead, and on the hand, resulting in the elderly man receiving one and 12 stitches for the wounds, respectively.


Howard claimed he was acting in self-defence at the time of the incident.

"He had the cutlass and me flash him, and him drop on a big stone," he claimed.

However, the elderly man claimed his grandson was the one who attacked him because he removed the grandson's hose from a pipe to catch some water.

"I was taking off the hose and him come bounce me, so me bounce him back. Then him run go inna him mother house fi cutlass and attack me, and we start struggle. Me hold on to the cutlass and him cut me," the senior citizen told the court.

rude little boy

He further explained that there had been a longstanding feud between him and his grandson because the young man is very disrespectful.

"Him is a rude little boy. Him don't listen to me! A me father land that all a we live pon, and it look like him want to rule me in deh," he lamented.

Chief Parish Judge, Judith Pusey, who was presiding in the matter, chided both Ferguson and his grandfather, advising them both to have respect for each other.

A finger print order was made against Ferguson and he was told to return to court on October 18 with the money.

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