Cops' hands tied by INDECOM - Adams

September 26, 2016
Reneto Adams

Renato Adams, former head of the disbanded Crime Management Unit (CMU), said the introduction of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has adversely affected crime-fighting on the island.

Adams, who retired as a Senior Superintendent of Police, said that many police officers are fearful of shooting at criminals because they do not want to be left to the mercy of INDECOM.

"They have brought in a thing they call INDECOM that is stifling, that is mitigating and allowing policemen to draw into their shells even if they are doing the right things," Adams said.

INDECOM was established six years ago to investigate allegations of abuse by the security forces.

Adams, who, during his time as a cop was accused of extrajudicial shooting, said that with INDECOM now in the scene, policemen are operating "with their hands tied behind them."

Last week, National Security Minister Robert Montague said that members of the security forces appear to be frustrated because of the way INDECOM operates.

"I am one who is a supporter of INDECOM. I am one who believes that we still can work harder to get the police fatal shootings down. But there comes a time when the circumstances dictate - when the State is threatened, the State has to respond in like manner," he said.


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