Popular businessman dies at sea

September 26, 2016
Paul Seaton

A Marlin's Madness boat party held in Montego Bay, St James, ended in tragedy yesterday after one of its patrons died, apparently by drowning.

The Corporate Communication Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force said yesterday that it is investigating how Paul Seaton actually died.

The body of Paul, the son of businessman YP Seaton, was fished from Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay, St James early yesterday morning.

Police reports are that they were alerted around 8 a.m. that a body was afloat at Doctor's Cave Beach. When they arrived, Seaton's body was fished from the water and taken to the morgue.

Businessman Tarn Peralto, who described Seaton as his best friend, told THE STAR that Seaton's last conversation with a friend who was on the boat was that he was heading home to be with his family.


family man


"One of the last things he said to a friend before he left to come to shore was that he had to come home to be with his boys and his wife so he couldn't stay too late," Peralto said. "He was a family man. He loved his boys and his wife."

Seaton is survived by his wife, Mary and his two boys, age two and four.

A minister of government, who asked not to be named, said that Seaton was "a very nice man". "He campaigned with me for the last two elections," the minister said.

According to Peralto, Seaton was at a boat party called Marlin's Madness when he decided to leave but couldn't find the tender who had taken over in the afternoon. He then decided to trudge the water by himself, holding onto the anchor rope and pulled himself to the shoreline buoy which is estimated about 10 meters from shore.

"It is a very tough time for me, as you would imagine. We went to New York Institute of Technology together and that is where we developed our friendship. He came back before I did and worked with his father before he bought a fire safety company and he ran it until now," Peralto said.

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