Only Jesus can help St James! ...Says resident following 199th murder in the parish

September 27, 2016
A policeman lifts the yellow tape so that this taxi could get access to the Irwin Heights community.

With St James recording its 199th murder for year last night, one resident in Irwin Heights believes that only divine intervention can help the parish. 

"St James need Jesus and him 12 disciples fi stop the killing wah gwaan," a woman told STAR Online following the murder that occurred at about 7:30 p.m.

Reports are that a man, identified only as 'Butt Head', was found lying in a pool of blood in the Irwin Heights community.

Residents theorise that the murder was an act of reprisal for a shooting incident in the neighbouring Porta Bella community on Sunday night where four persons were shot and injured. 

When STAR Online arrived on the scene last night, scores of persons were being prevented from entering their homes as yellow tape was used to cordon off the crime scene. 

"A Madden alone a mek money. All this killing a gwaan, a certain people a mek the money. Mi waa go home. Mi a go sit down inna mi car and gwaan listen some music," said a resident who was waiting for the tape to be lifted.

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