Crime could force shop closure after 25 years

September 28, 2016

After 25 years in business, a shopkeeper in Glendevon, St James, is about to close his business for good.

The shopkeeper said that in addition to declining sales, the violence in the western Jamaica community has her fearing for her safety.

When THE STAR visited the volatile community yesterday, hardly anyone was visible on the roadway.

"It's the worst I have seen this place in all my 25 years. Hardly any business. I am seriously considering to close down," the business owner told THE STAR.

According to the seemingly discouraged shopkeeper, divine intervention is needed to stem the crime.

"I am not involved, but don't want to get caught in any crossfire. My kids used to come here after school until I lock up, but not anymore. Look at the gas station shooting. I use that station. I could have been there and get shot or killed," she said.

Armed thugs last Friday fired indiscrimi-nately at patrons at a gas station in Glendevon, killing one man and injured several others.

- A.W.

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