'I CAN HEAL MOBAY' ... Man claims he has special powers to rid land of crime

September 28, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Marvin Roberts
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Marvin Roberts
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Marvin Roberts

With crime and violence wreaking havoc in Montego Bay, St James, one man believes he can put a lull on it all in just a day, through his recently bestowed God-given gifts.

All he needs is the support of the affected communities, and for them to give God the glory for the work performed.

"If I get to Montego Bay, everything would be over and done with in one day. If I visit there, you wouldn't hear anything about violence for now. If I could get the assistance of the citizens. I would like to have a prayer meeting in Sam Sharpe Square. I don't really need to, but I would like to be on the ground when everything is taking place," Marvin Roberts, a 57-year-old Seventh-day Adventist, proclaimed.

The Kingstonian said he is just waiting for the affected communities to receive him, as he does not have any contacts in that part of the island and would need some help getting there and arranging the worship session.

Roberts, who gave his life to the Lord 32 years ago, told THE STAR that he has been working on bringing peace to the island for the past 10 years, and he has finally reached a breakthrough.

"You see the problems in Montego Bay, I know how to break it. I started on a spiritual quest in 2006, because I know that crime is spiritually based, so you have to break it in the Spirit, before you can break it physically," he said, using Ephesians 6:12 to defend his assertion.


The formula for crime, Roberts believes, lies in a "seal", which comprises of a series of Bible verses, names of the affected places, and the name of God, all arranged in concentric circles in a particular order. He said he has been trying to find the correct pattern for years, but it finally came to him a week ago.

"A seal locks a condition, and prevents things from happening. You draw it up, and then you have to pray on it. But you have to have a strong relationship with Christ, and then you ask Him to turn them on," Roberts explained.

For any doubtful Thomases, who lacks faith in his ability to quell crime in the Second City, Roberts claims he has already put his powers to the test in Kingston and St Andrew since last week.

"I have sealed Kingston and St Andrew, which appears to be calm, relative to the rest of the country since then. I have to get it right, or as good as possible, before I can go elsewhere, and whatever works here, it will work for any warzone around the world," he proclaimed.

Roberts, who makes sound systems and repairs amplifiers for a living, said he is confident in his abilities to heal Montego Bay, but is aware that many will write him off as a mad man. To these non-believers, he said: "People will always shun what they don't understand."

After mending Montego Bay, Roberts says he hopes to tackle other problem parishes such as St Ann, Westmoreland and Portland, until the whole island is healed. After this, he will turn his focus to tackling international crime and violence with his divinely bestowed seals.

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