MoBay violence reminds residents of the '70s

September 28, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Cali

Middle East in Norwood is one of few quiet spots in wartorn St James. Gunshots have been echoing through the air in this western parish, evoking memories of the 1970s, when gangsters caused decent citizens to cower in fear.

Cali, 65, who lived through that period, said he fears for the safety of his children and grandchildren, who are exposed to the rampant criminality that has marred the parish's landscape.

"Why mi worried 'bout dem is because dem young and dem out there," Cali told THE STAR.

One of Cali's friends recalled that his son was shot by thugs during that turbulent period.

"One time, it was kinda ruff in the '70s but it did kool off. Dem time deh, mi never have lock on mi door. We neva have violence 'bout yah so, but now, it remind me of when it did hot," he said of the current situation.

Meanwhile, Cali said that the Government should play a more active role in the molding of the minds of children.

"Dont wait til dem grow up now and out of control. Government need fi work with the parents - sometimes it is a mother alone. If you wait 'til dem come up now and start run around, it [is going to be] too late," Cali said.

- A.W.

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